DVD : Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee - 10-31-2019
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Sub. S. B. No. 55
Sen. Gavarone
Enhance penalty for drug offense near addiction services provider
4th Hearing
Poss. Vote

H. B. No. 277
Rep. Plummer, Rep. West
Revise law about electronic recording of custodial interrogations
2nd Hearing

H. B. No. 83
Rep. Brown, Rep. Schaffer
Allow school bus camera image to support failing to stop for bus
1st Hearing
Poss. Sub. Bill

H. B. No. 232
Rep. Schaffer, Rep. Smith, K.
Revise penalties for importuning
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 240
Rep. Kelly, Rep. Miranda
Prohibit negligent storage of firearm/crime if minor gains access
1st Hearing
October 31, 2019