DVD : Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee - 6-12-2019
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H. B. No. 220 - Rep. Carfagna
Permit government to utilize distributed ledger tech/blockchain
3rd Hearing - Poss. Vote, Poss. Am. -Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 244 - Rep. Hillyer, Rep. Ingram
Exempt credit services and buyer contracts from time limits
1st Hearing -Sponsor

H. B. No. 263 - Rep. Koehler
Revise occupational license restrictions for former criminals
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. B. No. 219 - Rep. Becker, Rep. Hoops
Enacts Sunday Alcohol, Liquor, and Especially Spirits Act
2nd Hearing - Proponent

For a full record of Ohio House Committee proceedings, visit ohiohouse.gov/committee/commerce-and-labor
June 12, 2019