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Writers Talk - E. Gordon Gee
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E. Gordon Gee, president of the Ohio State University, visits Writers Talk to discuss the roles and responsibilities that universities have to educate students on the importance of language and writing skills in the 21st century. Gee also shares what book he has on his Kindle, what book he has on his bedside table, what book he hauled through India, and his feelings on the Harry Potter series.

Before returning to OSU, Gee served as Chancellor of Vanderbilt University for seven years. Prior to his tenure at Vanderbilt, he was president of Brown University (1998-2000), The Ohio State University (1990-97), the University of Colorado (1985-90), and West Virginia University (1981-85). Gee graduated from the University of Utah with an honors degree in history and earned his J.D. and Ed.D degrees from Columbia University.
January 21, 2010