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The State of Ohio - 8-9-2019 - Tragedy Reignites Gun Issue
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Nine people are dead and nearly two dozen injured after a gunman opens fire on a busy street in Dayton once again cuing a national spotlight on gun violence with Ohio at the center.

"Do something!"

A large crowd chanting "do something" drowns out Gov. Mike DeWine's remarks during a vigil to remember the victims killed.

DeWine: "Some chanted 'do something' and that's exactly what we're going to do."

And just two days later, DeWine responds by unveiling a slew of policies that he says will cut down on gun violence and save lives.

But would the proposed regulations be effective? How are Ohio lawmakers reacting to the crisis? And what do gun rights advocates think the plan goes too far?

Julie Caarr Smyth
Jackie Borchardt
August 9, 2019