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The Sound of Ideas - New Ohio Supreme Court Justices; Citizens Financial Group CEO, AfriCOBRA Exhibit
Two Northeast Ohio Democrats, Judges Melody Stewart and Michael Donnelly, are joining the all-Republican Ohio Supreme Court. They are the only two Democrats, aside from incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown, to win statewide this year. Both of the judges join us to begin today's show to discuss their victory, their aspirations for the court, and their push for equity in the justice system. Later, a decade after the financial and housing collapse, how is the bank on the corner doing? We'll talk to the Chairman and CEO of Citizens Bank as he visits Cleveland. Finally, the Akron Art Museum pays tribute to artist Jeff Donaldson and the AfriCOBRA movement. The curator of American Art at the National Museum of African American History and Culture visits.

For More Information:
-Center for Community Solutions Report on TANF
-Akron Art Mueum web site
-Dr. Tuliza Fleming lecture

-Judge Michael Donnelly, Elected to Ohio Supreme Court
-Judge Melody Stewart, Elected to Ohio Supreme Court
-Bruce Van Saun, Chairman & CEO, Citizens Financial Group
-Dr. Tuliza Fleming, Curator, American Art, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
November 8, 2018