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The Sound of Ideas - 1-8-2019 Local Government Funding In The DeWine Administration; "Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News"
Mike DeWine becomes Ohio governor on January 14 and he comes into office, as any new executive would, with a list of priorities he hopes will define his administration and improve the lives of Ohioans. All this week, we're looking closely at those priorities. Previously, we examined proposed initiatives aimed at child welfare. On this program, we look at his pledge to help local governments which have seen cuts in state funding in recent years. The governor-elect hasn't promised to restore funding, but has pledged new efforts to help local governments. Municipal leaders join us to discuss the help they need. Plus, our weekly statehouse update and Mike Roberts on his memoir: "Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News."

Kent Scarrett, Executive Director, Ohio Municipal League

Mike Summers, Mayor, City of Lakewood

Karen Kasler, Statehouse Bureau Chief, Ohio Public Radio/TV

Michael D. Roberts, Author, "Hot Type, Cold Beer and Bad News"
January 8, 2019